Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ellouise & Co

My friend Mary and I recently opened a little handmade jewelry/vintage shop called Ellouise & Co. Our husbands were mission companions several years ago and we are all best of buds. Its so fun to have this little shop as an excuse to spend time with Mary 24/7. Opening a shop has always been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.  Mary is incredibly talented and creative.  She really has a niche for working with leather and I enjoy working with stone and metal. Everything we sell is handmade. I am also excited to announce that Tiana Birrell and I will be opening our art shop called Tianellie shortly. Now THIS has been in the works for the past 12 years! We were also accepted into the Beehive Bazzar this May at the Riverwoods and will be showcasing our handmade jewelry and art there.  Our shops are starting off small but thanks to friends and family word is spreading. We are so very excited to share our little creations with you!

If you have instagram, you can follow us at-

Thanks for your love and support and please spread the word!

Yay for handmade local art!

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