Friday, March 16, 2012

Blast from the Past- my inspiration

Tiana Birrell
Oh Tiana How i miss you so. Since the age of 12 we both dreamed of getting accepted into the BYU and study art there together ... boy does time fly. I miss you every day. All of my love to my sister Missionary in Riverside California. This is a picture of our first collaborative oil painting together at her house in Lenox Massachusetts. 

Tiana and i at a cooking class in 2007

This is when Tiana came and rescued me post mission when i was confused and had no idea what was going on. She flew out all the way from Utah to help me get me back into the groove of art. 

Saturday Market in Portland Oregon. Live music, food, art, food, crafts, food, and Hippies galore! 

Hannah banans!!!

Bucket list: fly in a hot air balloon... CHECK!

other inspirations- geometric shapes and lines. 



vivid colors

Winter festivals in Japan

Cherry picking right after Misa's baptism!

View from my apartment in Sapporo Japan. This is where i gained a strong testimony that every single person was important and loved by God.

Ice hotel on a lake! Obihiro Japan

Typical bicycle stand in Japan

purikura :)

Favorite hamburger place in Japan with Kawachi Megumi!

Afro man in Japan. 

Sister Muir's favorite- strawberries 


My japanese grandma looooves art and is currently working on these pieces out of paper. Truly inspiring.



city lights


Yesterday my art ed class went on a last min field trip to the Springville museum of art. We saw a ton of high-schoolers work displayed. I had the strongest urge to go home and paint. What motivates us, and where do we get this drive from? Faith without works is dead. I feel alive when i act and progress!  I'm moving forward with faith!

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  1. えりちゃんの写真も ぜんぶ好き! あなたは 生活の中の美をちゃんとcaptureして楽しむね。 その何気ない美を見逃さないあなたの目とハートが好き!^。^


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