Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The "How To" Step one two three four

Q u e s t i o n - "how on earth do you create art as a poor college student?"
A n s w e r - RECYCLE.

Make this world a better place while your at it!

STEP ONE: It starts with y o u.
Go dumpster diving, trash digging.
Don't be afraid. OWN it!

^^^ Look what I found in the studio! There was a pile of "free stuff" and found these amazing coated metal plates that I think JJ left behind before he went off to grad school.

Paint desired image on watercolor paper.

Cut or better yet, xacto knife your image and place on surface.

Use Acrylic medium glue to adhere the shape down on the surface.
Frame and all set to go!

How do you recycle?
What do you like to recycle?
Do you have any ideas?

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