Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brand Yourself

In class we talked about "branding" ourselves and how the audience may view our art. I feel that my audience will most likely see that I am interested in shapes and lines. Because I work abstractly, ultimately my art is left to the interpretation of the individual. Visually the audience may draw to the conclusion that I am interested in relationships and progression. From the use of my warm color palate the viewer may think that I am a relatively positive person motivated by the good in life. I understand that the art that I create provides a doorway into my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Who I am is shown in my artwork. I want to be "branded" as someone who is trying to create good in this world, who speaks truth through repetition in pattern, layers and mixed mediums.

SIDE NOTE:I talked to Jason Lanegan today (the HFAC gallery director) about having a show sometime in January or February. I have always wanted to hold a solo show and I am really excited for this opportunity. I now have to get crackin' and go to Ikea and buy 40 more frames! I have been working on more and more smaller pieces... I am actually going through them relatively fast because of the scale I am currently working on. I am getting really excited about this! I am thankful to have professors that encourage me to push myself. I can't wait to spend more time painting over Thanksgiving break! Gotta bust em out... time is running short!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!

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